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Shooting Tiny .45's - Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to pick up and test a little Springfield XD-S sub-compact pistol in .45 ACP. This was the 3.3” model, and when loaded with the standard 5-round magazines, I found it to be more than diminutive for a .45 caliber gun. I thought it both intriguing and rife with possibilities, so had to test it on the range as soon as possible.

For small guns, about the only caliber I like or really have much use for is a 9mm. Now, I could go into all the reasons for that, but we’re currently engaged in the discussion of tiny .45’s, which are not 9mm’s, so I’ll just package that rabbit trail for another time.

The XD-S in .45 ACP is, by necessity, larger than most sub-compact guns, especially those little .380 models that aren’t much more than a keychain. I’m glad I’m not a smoker, because I could easily confuse some of those microscopic .380 guns for a novelty cigarette lighter. That would be a most startling way to light up….

In the interests of parity and reasonable comparison, I decided to get the little beast saddled up next to a couple of other small .45 caliber guns. The Glock 30 Gen 4, while larger, seemed like a reasonable benchmark for such a gun, so I pulled that out on the range, and also grabbed a Kahr CW45 that had stuck its head in the shop the previous week, possibly in search of a decent hollow-point. The Kahr brand doesn’t usually burn up the sales register, but they’re actually nice little guns, and the CW45 feels good to handle.

I don’t believe SIG is currently making the subcompact P320 in a .45 ACP, but I decided to also test a Glock 36, as it would compare more closely to the Springfield than would the double-stack model 30.

I ignored our selection of 3” 1911 guns, as I was loathe to insert a metal gun into a polymer discussion.

Then it was range time.

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